Parallel-port "smart cable" ISP microcontroller programmer accessory kit - EXA-1001-1

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EXA-1001-1 Heathkit™ ISP programmer for programming Heathkit Educational Systems® EX-1001 microcontrollers. Just for people who own a Windows PC with a parallel-printer port and want to program their microcontroller in BASIC.

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Take control of your microcontroller.

Designed for EX-1001 series microcontrollers. 

For Windows PC users who have a PC with a parallel port.

Take control. To program a microcontroller, such as the Microchip/Atmel AVR-series chip in your Heathkit Educational systems® EX-1001 microcontroller board,  you need an "In-System Programmer (ISP) device." This is the bit of electronics that connects your Windows PC to your microcontroller board such as a Heathkit® EX-1001. With this device, you can load into your microcontroller the programs you write for it on your PC.

Build once, use forever. This is a "smart cable" accessory kit you build yourself. The electronics are built right into the cable! Once it's assembled, you simply plug the cable into your Microsoft Windows® PC's parallel printer port and microcontroller board for a few minutes, whenever you want to program your microcontroller.

It's very BASIC. This programmer is designed to work with the BASIC programming language, particularly the BASCOM version of BASIC that includes special microcontroller programming features. A free limited version of BASCOM is available for download, and your Personal Product Page™ (the live web part of your assembly manual) will tell you how to do that. If you want to author even larger software creations, you can buy an upgraded version of BASCOM from its third-party vendor.

We provide everything you need. This kit contains everything you need to program your EX-1001 or similar microcontroller. It takes just a couple hours to assemble, and then you can use this ISP programmer with all your Heathkit® EX-1001 or compatible microcontroller boards -- only one progammer is needed to program them all (one at a time of course).

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Naturally, we thought of everything.

Each kit contains all the parts you need. During assembly you'll solder the electronics onto a tiny printed circuit board and assemble it into the PC connector housing.  This kit includes the cable, PC connector housing, special microcontroller board plug, and all internal electronics.  

Make a microcontroller happy today.

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