HERO™ 2000 and HE-RObot® programmable robots - Distance sensor 473-35

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HE-RObot® and HERO™ 2000 Replacement sensor 

This is the true original Heathkit hardware.

Bring new life to your programmable Heathkit® robot. If your Heathkit HERO™ 2000 or HE-RObot® programmable robot needs a replacement or add-on sensor, this is for you.

Makes a pretty picture. This SonaSwitch® sensor was originally designed for ultrasonic range-finding in instant cameras. It's also the perfect sensor for programmable robots. It's a direct replacement for your robot's original sensor.

Reports both distance and time. The sensor sends out a ping, waits for the echo, measures time-of-flight, and uses the return time and speed of sound to determine the distance to the closest sufficiently large object. It provides both analog and timing representations of distance.

Heathkit HERO™ 2000

Heathkit HE-RObot®

All the engineering data you need. And more.

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