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TERMS & SHIPPING: We ship most US orders via USPS Priority mail. International shipments require extra fees. You receive immediate payment confirmation from PayPal by email. It may be a few days before you receive additional email from us with order & shipping details. 1-year parts warranty on kits. See Terms and Shipping Policies for more details.

Repairs for new kits.

Limited repaired models. But unlimited repair quality.

At Heathkit we encourage you to maintain and repair your kit yourself, using your Troubleshooting charts and our Tech Support to assist you. (See your manual for details.)

In difficult cases we can help. Here are the ground rules: (1) Presently we only repair our modern kits--nothing sold before 2015. The product to be repaired must appear in the list above. (2) Pricing for Factory Repairs is shown above. (3) You pay shipping both ways, to/from our repair facility in California. (4) Unless otherwise noted on this page, we pay for all parts cost and labor. (5) If you have physically damaged or destroyed your kit, we reserve the right to refuse to repair it. Your product must be in essentially near-working condition with a hard-to-resolve technical problem. (6) Heathkit products only. (7) You must have the original manual (or a replacement we sent you). (8) It takes as long as it takes. We divert our senior staff who otherwise are designing new products to look at these special case kits, and our ability to make those senior designers available is limited. At the time you contact us about your kit, we will give you an estimate of our delay to start work, and when we receive it we will give you an estimate of how long it will take to repair. (9) All fees shown above must be prepaid before work starts. (10) If your kit doesn't arrive at Heathkit as you described it (e.g. you say it's pristine, but it actually spent a year living in deep seawater after being run over by a bus), then we will return it to you, deducting from your repair prepayment an amount that covers our actual staff time spent looking at it. That could be a deduction of 0% of your prepayment, 100% of it, or anywhere in between, at our sole discretion. So please be sure to describe your kit accurately when we contact you about your repair.

If this is the service you want, we have it. To start a repair, choose your model from the list above. Please be sure to prepay return shipping. We'll contact you to follow up, inform you of any special shipping charges (e.g. if you are not in the US), and get more details.