Factory Calibration/Alignment Service - vintage test equipment

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TERMS & SHIPPING: We ship most US orders via USPS Priority mail. International shipments require extra fees. When paying by PayPal, you receive our immediate email payment confirmation via PayPal, and again from us a few days later as we prepare your order. 1-year parts warranty on kits. See Terms and Shipping Policies for more details.

Repair service for vintage instrument and test equipment.

Limited availability, and some terms and conditions. But the best available quality service, from the experts.

At Heathkit we encourage you to maintain and repair your equipment yourself. Sometimes your equipment needs alignment or calibration. That's where we can help.

Here are the details for this service. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: (1) This service applies to test equipment and instrument products sold by Heath Company/Heathkit® before 2000. Typically we can align/calibrate most bench equipment. Please understand that certain highly specialized or very old vintage equipment may not be possible to align/calibrate today.  If in doubt whether we still can calibrate/align your vintage test equipment, please contact us first. (2) Pricing for standard nominal 2-hour Factory Alignment/Calibration service is shown above. Prepayment in advance is required by PayPal, or by sending us personal/company check, USPS Money Order, or bank e-check payable to "Heath Engineering". (3) You pay shipping to our repair facility in California. IF (and only if) you ship us the equipment well-packed in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Box (no other container or shipping service for this offer) from a continential US location, then we we will return your equipment upon completion of calibration/alignment with complimentary shipment, within continental US only. Otherwise excess S/H may be due and we will contact you for S/H prepayment. (4) Unless otherwise noted on this page, we pay for all parts cost and labor. (5) If you have physically damaged or destroyed your equipment, we reserve the right to refuse to repair it. Your product must be in essentially near-working condition with at most a resolvable technical problem using available parts. (6) Heathkit products only (under any of our trademarks). (7) Vintage equipment often had "Series" numbers, but unlike our modern products had no individual unique serial numbers. If there is a Series number label on the equipment, we will include it in the calibration/alignment report. (8) Typical processing time is a minimum of two weeks plus shipping time each way, and can be longer. We assign our senior staff who otherwise are designing new products to perform these alignment/calibrations, and our ability to make those senior engineers available is limited. At the time you contact us about your kit, we will give you an estimate of our delay to start work, and when we receive it we will give you an estimate of how long it will take to repair. (9) All fees shown above must be prepaid before work starts. (10) If your equipment doesn't arrive at Heathkit's facility as you described it (e.g. you say it's pristine, but it actually spent a year living in deep seawater after being run over by a bus), then we will return it to you, deducting from your repair prepayment an amount that covers our actual staff time spent looking at it. That could be a deduction of 0% of your prepayment, 100% of it, or anywhere in between, at our sole discretion. So please be sure to describe your equipment accurately when you contact us about it. Typically if we receive damaged/unrepairable equipment and can determine that in the first hour, it will be returned for minimum 1hr fee + S/H = $100 and excess payment refunded. At our sole discretion we may, but are not required to, remove any non-standard owner customizations or modifications apparent to us when we receive your equipment as part of our diagnosis and repair services. (11) OUR WORK UNDER THIS SERVICE IS WARRANTED FOR 90 DAYS. CUSTOMER AGREES NO BAILMENT IS CREATED TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT POSSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW WHERE WE OPERATE. CUSTOMER ASSUMES TRANSIT RISK AND IS ADVISED TO USE TRACKING AND INSURE FOR FULL VALUE WHEN SHIPPING. WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM, AND CUSTOMER ACCEPTS, ALL LIABILITY FOR CUSTOMIZATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS NOT MADE BY US TO YOUR EQUIPMENT, WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE AWARE OF THEM. In placing your order, you agree to these terms and conditions. We ship tracked & insured at the USPS Priority standard rate.  Alignment/calibration service is not (and never has been) ISO17025 for vintage Heath Company / Heathkit® / Heathkit Educational Systems® test equipment. Calibration service is to factory original standards and specifications using the methods we originally designed or published for your equipment. (12) Returned equipment upon completed service will be accompanied by a dated written report of Heathkit factory findings, including where applicable an alignment/calibration report.

If this is the service you want, we have it. To initiate service for your equipment, select Add To Cart above. We'll contact you to follow up, inform you of any special shipping charges (e.g. if you are not in the continental US), and get any details we need to get this service under way for you.