Wind Cup replacement kit for upgraded Weather Station anemometer - 266-939-2


A new wind cup for a new era.

The modular design doesn't hurt, either.

This is the replacement wind cup for our newly redesigned wind cup assembly for the Heathkit ID-1890, ID-4001, and ID-5001 Digital Weather Computers. 

Into every life a little hail must fall. What if have a broken wind cup due to a local "sharp-shooter," golf-ball-sized hail, Category 3 hurricane, or generally bad karma? Now you can now simply replace the broken cup.  The other cups and the hub no longer need to be replaced along with it.  Please see our newly redesigned wind cup assembly to get started if you haven't already upgraded.
These will ONLY work with our new Weather Station upgrade kit installed (Part No. 266-939-1).  They will not work with the original 40-year-old 266-939 anemometer parts. You need the 266-939-1upgrade kit installed to take advantage of these modular repacement parts.

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