Wind Cup assembly upgrade kit for ID-1290/ID-1590 Weather Station anemometer - IDA-1590-1


A new wind cup for a new era.

Now available for your older vintage Heathkit weather system.

Odoo Members

This is the newly redesigned replacement wind cup assembly for vintage Heathkit ID-1290 and ID-1590 Digital Weather stations. 

Into every life a little hail must fall. What if have a broken wind cup due to a local "sharp-shooter," golf-ball-sized hail, Category 3 hurricane, or generally bad karma? Now you can now simply replace the broken asseembly.
This model will ONLY works with our 
Heathkit ID-1290 and ID-1590 Digital Weather stations. If you have a later model (Heathkit Models ID-1890, ID-4001, and ID-5001 Digital Weather Computers),

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