Weather Station Temperature Sensor - 100-1727-1


So. Your Heathkit Weather station sensor failed.

Rather insensitive, isn't it.


They don't make them like they used to. We at Heathkit used the National LM3911 temperature sensor in our ID-1490, ID-4001, ID-5001 and probably a few other models that monitored indoor and/or outdoor temperature. Our part number for the module was typically a 100-1727 or a 100-1728. The LM3911 was a single chip that would output a 10mV change for every degree of change in temperature. Unfortunately the LM3911 is no longer available, and even small quantities have disappeared from surplus dealers' and distributors' shelves.

But we can make one for you. Fortunately, the LM3911 can be duplicated using a discrete solution of currently available components. And since this is a Heathkit we're talking about, you can install them yourself. We used a National LM335 temperature sensor, LM741, 6.8 Volt zener diode, and a resistor. Our circuit was taken directly from the manufacturer National's LM3911 datasheet, and you can be confident of success. (LIke we said: We won't let you fail.)

Tubular. Totally. This kit provides the necessary components to build a replacement temperature sensor that can be directly substituted for the aluminum "tube" shaped temperature sensors that were used on the above kits. All of the components have already been mounted on the board and the board has been tested.

It's really easy. All that remains is to attach the new board to the old cable, and seal the completed assembly with silicon seal. Each kit comes with the Temperature Sensor board assembled and tested, a replacement "thinwall" aluminum tube, and full instructions to assemble a new functional temperature sensor. You'll reuse the existing cable from the old temperature sensor assembly.

You do get to solder, though. We promise. Some soldering skills are required. Shown in the picture is a completed temperature sensor, along with the two pieces that come in the kit. 

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