Upgrade Dial Kit for classic HG-10 / HG-10B VFO - 464-19


A new transmitter/transceiver VFO display dial.

Better than ever.

Upgrade your HG-10(B) VFO display. This is an upgrade for the Heathkit HG-10 and HG-10B VFO backlit scale, part number 464-19.  There were a few aftermarket replacement/repair scales, but we found that none of them performed like the original. So we didn't just reissue the original--we decided to create an upgrade. 

Count the improvements. This improved scale is translucent, which allows the original backlight scheme to work without any modifications.  We also made the scale a bit shorter in height, so that alignment and viewing angle are improved.

Totally tubular. The printed scale is inside the clear tube. Why? Because now the dial indicator can't scratch off any of the printing from the scale. And the dial sheet will maintain its circular shape.  It will never separate from the tube as it ages.

Looking good. You can see from the example pictures of each band below that visibility and viewing angle has been greatly improved.  Great care was taken in the transfer of the individual frequency markers from an original to the replacement scale.

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