Heathkit Explorer™ T-shirt - XT-2015-1 Shirt (Green)



A journey of 1,000 miles began with a single kit.

Now you can own a piece of the Heathkit story.

Here's the instant replay. In 2015, we introduced our next Heathkit Jr™ kit -- our first full-scale kit in 30 years -- the Heathkit GR-150 Explorer Jr™ AM broadcast receiver.

(Heathkit Jr™ kits are introductory Heathkit® kits. They let you build true working electronics using discrete components, assembled using beginner-friendly screw hardware.)

History repeats itself. The GR-152 Explorer AM™ radio kit followed quickly. The circuit is identical, but it is a solder kit, even introducing a couple modern "surface mount" components. Both kits require no prior electronics building experience.

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