Display upgrade for Heathkit AJ-1510 / AJ-1510A FM Stereo Tuner - AJA-1510-1


The Heathkit AJ-1510/1510A is a great tuner.

It still can be great for years to come.

A creative original -- with great performance. The AJ-1510 and AJ-1510A were among first synthesized FM Stereo tuners to be introduced. These units not only have nostalgia-inducing tuner styling reminiscent of the golden audiophile era, they have very respectable performance.

Nothing lasts forever. The biggest problem in keeping these tuners operational for decades into the future is the risk of display failure. These stereo tuners were designed to use a 7-segment filament-type display in a glass tube, of the type available before the advent of LED displays. Over time, the fragile filaments age and may break, causing one or more segments to no longer light.  The original vintage-style 7-segment tube displays are almost impossible to find.
Heathkit to the rescue. We use several of the AJ-1510 FM Tuners ourselves here at Heathkit. To help them stay them in tip-top condition, we designed a modern LED-type display. The modification consists of two boards that replace the existing driver board and displays.
We have what you need. Each kit contains all of the parts you need to convert your Heathkit AJ-1510 or AJ-1510A FM Stereo Tuner from the original displays to modern LED displays.  It's also possible to reverse the modifications and go back to the original displays, should you ever decide to do so.  It takes about an hour to build the new kit and replace the old display board with the new one.  

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