Adjustable DualView™ magnifying loupe for surface-mount soldering- GDP-1800


The best magnifier-loupe ever.

Terrific for all soldering.  Essential for surface-mount soldering.

See it clearly. The DualView™ combines a 3x power stand loupe with a 12x power focusing loupe. This dual-purpose magnifier is great for circuit and parts inspection, whether you need a high or low power magnification.  

High resolution when you need it.  The higher-power 12x loupe shows detail clearly when you need a close-up or strong magnification. Unlike conventional fixed-lens loupes, the DualView™ 12x lens allows you to view three-dimensional objects, because with a twist of the knurled knob you can bring an object of any depth into focus. This is great for tasks like top- and bottom-inspecting printed circuit board, or reading the tiny type on small components.

Get the big picture. The large 3x fixed-magnification stand loupe is pre-focused. It's superb for inspecting your work after you solder. We use this all the time at Heathkit when we do surface-mount soldering, where it's a challenge to confirm the quality of a suface-mount joint with the naked eye. Is the part properly soldered? Is it seated against the PCB, or is there a sub-millimeter air gap under it? Does the tiny dab of solder at its end form a clean joint, or does it need resoldering? Using the 3x lens, you can move the PCB around to inspect its components from all angles, from the side as well as from above, to ensure you have perfect solder joints every time.

A little light on the side. Unlike most magnifying loupes, the 3x lens loupe is entirely transparent all the way down its sides. This turns out to be incredibly useful. The tinier the parts are (and the older your eyes are), the more light you want reaching the part you're inspecting. Other loupes have opaque areas that block your view, restrict your viewing angles, and limit light ingress to your work.  The DualView™'s large area and the transparent sides of the 3x lens allow plenty of light to reach the parts you want to see.

 Now that we discovered the DualView™, we can't imagine doing surface-mount work without it.

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