Vintage Manuals are still available.

It's a good thing.

Vintage manuals are available for purchase for thousands of our historic products.

What's old is new. We still have the company's original master manual collection. Not always perfect or pristine, but the best we have been able to maintain over the decades. We print a fresh manual copy for you on demand, using the company's best available master.

We can do this because, well, we're Heathkit, and we own all the copyrights to all our publications.

Read the fine print. Here's the fine print: Each vintage manual copy is different. After all these decades, sometimes the best available manual master may have assembly marks or imperfections in it. We price our replacement manuals low, often around the price of a few cups of coffee, which barely covers the copying and binding cost. But continuing to offer our manuals to you is a way we support you, our loyal customers. Please be sure to read the description of your chosen manual when ordering, to understand exactly what it will look like.

Looks nice. If we do say so ourselves. We print replacement manuals in our current covers that we use in all our new kits. Our manual covers are Heath green now (not yellow, or yellow and black, or gray and blue).  We coil-bind them so they lay flat, and we print them on high recycled content acid-free paper so they'll live as long as a Heathkit. Which seems to be practically forever.

So don't delay. To order a vintage manual, enter its model number or name in the SEARCH box below. Remember to read the manual quality descriptions you find there before ordering. And we'll have a new manual in your hands before you can say "AJ-30S Deluxe Stereo AM/FM Tuner with AC-11Multiplex Converter."

OK, here are the manuals.

SEARCH FOR MANUALS: Enter any vintage product model number or product name, and choose "Find it":

How do I obtain a replacement manual for a modern Heathkit product?

If you need a replacement manual for a modern Heathkit, please contact customer support, as this may entail custom printing of your replacement manual, deactivation and replacement of the old serial number, reprogramming of your custom MPU or other kit changes, and changes in your accounts at Please review the information on your Personal Product Page™ for contact information for Tech Support specific to your product. (You visited your Personal Product Page™ while completing the initial assembly instruction steps in your assembly manual.)