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TERMS & SHIPPING: We ship most US orders via USPS Priority mail. International shipments require extra fees. When paying by PayPal, you receive our immediate email payment confirmation via PayPal, and again from us a few days later as we prepare your order. 1-year parts warranty on kits. See Terms and Shipping Policies for more details.

Order repair parts for your vintage kit.

Thousands are still in stock. 

Search for the one you need.

At Heathkit we encourage you to maintain and repair your kit yourself, using your manual Troubleshooting charts and our Tech Support team's advice.

We still stock thousands of parts for many vintage kits. Not everything is in stock. Many vintage parts are no longer manufactured. But where possible, we maintain parts stock. 

You'll need the Heathkit Part Number. We do not index parts by their electronic properties or the kits that used them. Parts are indexed by Heathkit Part Number, which is the hyphenated number like"123-456" listed in your assembly manual. You'll need your assembly manual to identify the parts you need and to do your own repairs.

TO START YOUR SEARCH FOR VINTAGE PARTS, Click this button:  Order a Vintage Part  Then enter its Heathkit Part Number and click "Find".

Don't have an assembly manual? We still stock most of them. (Heathkit is the only authorized lawful publisher of Heathkit manuals.) You can search for your manual either by kit model number or by product name, and order what you need. To order a vintage manual, click here: Order a vintage manual

We also stock parts for new Heathkit models. New-model parts are ordered differently, so for ordering instructions, click here:  Recent-model Parts Information 

Finally, there's the "boneyard." We have many old vintage product models -- not all, but many -- and sometimes you can order a used-but-working part from us, rather than give up on great old equipment. But try searching for the part first, then if that fails, email us.