HeathRules™ CPO Active Ruler™: Surface-mount solder skills learning kit - ER-1001 (Code Practice Oscillator)

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The ER-1001 provides a gentle introduction to surface-mount soldering.  All modern electronics uses surface-mount technology. If you want to learn modern electronics components and construction techniques, this kit is your starting point. 
AVAILABILITY: Individual orders for the ER-1001 HeathRulesTM CPO Ruler kit currently ship within one to two weeks. For a large purchase for a class or club event, please write us first. We'll work with you to ensure your kits all arrive at once.

Enter the 21st Century.

Surface mount soldering--now it's for everyone.

Until today, using tiny modern surface mount parts like the components in your cell phone has been an intimidating prospect for most home builders. Heathkit is changing everything.

SURFACE-MOUNT SOLDERING: YOU CAN DO IT. First we solved the problem of how to teach surface-mount soldering. We carefully developed the steps, procedures, and educational materials to ensure you can succeed. Next, we built prototype after prototype, refining the steps so everyone can do it. Then we designed it into a kit.

NOT JUST ANY KIT. A HEATHKIT.® The manual teaches you everything you need to know. Components are carefully, thoughtfully packaged so you can easily identify each tiny part. The instructions tell you what to open (and not open) at each step, so everything stays organized and you don't lose anything. We researched, tested, and qualified all the optional tools you need for successful surface mount soldering. The instructions take you step-by-step: You'll start with a small practice board to get warmed up, then progress to the main kit. It's all included. This kit is easy enough to ensure you succeed, just hard enough to be a fun challenge, and useful when you're done.

Did we say useful?

You'll use it daily.

It's a ruler. A twelve-inch (30cm) ruler. Naturally, it measures both inches and centimeters/millimeters.  The stiffness and thickness were carefully designed. Since the surface-mount parts are mounted on top, it lies flat for accurate measurements.

It's a Diameter Ruler.™ Also a Radius Ruler.™ What's a Diameter Ruler™? This patent-pending ruler permits direct reading of the diameter or radius of cylindrical objects. The assembly manual instructions explain the details. Now that the patents are filed, there are plenty more like this coming too.

Great teaching tool--for electronics and for Morse code, and for clubs and classes. See details below.

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It's a learning tool, a Ruler, and a Code Practice Oscillator.

When you build it, you'll know you succeeded. It's an Active Ruler™: A ruler that has active electronic parts on it that perform a useful function. When you're done and it works, it will tell you. Just touch the built-in key and an LED lights. Plug in earbuds, and its built-in oscillator will sound.
Learn Morse code the right way. Morse code has no "dots" and "dashes," so you won't find them here. And since it's inefficient to learn Morse characters in standard "kindergarten" alphabet order, instead our patent-pending design provides a very carefully optimized character learning sequence that accounts for English word frequency, radio usage, cognitive interference, effective memory methods, and more. It's designed for maximum efficiency and success in learning and using Morse. Everything is printed right on the ruler: when you have your code practice oscillator, you also have the full set of useful Morse characters and their printed sound equivalents i front of you, to help you remember until you've learned them. Nothing to lose or forget.
Teaches electronics to beginners. On the front side, you solder on the surface-mount circuit components. With our patent-pending design, you'll learn (or if you're a teacher, teach) the circuit theory as you build: Solder parts onto the top, then flip it over to identify the matching components in the schematic diagram. Your ruler also has helpful electronics formulas, tables, and data--useful information that people working in radio-electronics actually use. We know because it's information we actually use.
Start simple and buiid from there.  You'll start by building a small practice board. In minutes you'll have a working 9-volt battery tester made from surface-mount parts that you built yourself. Then you can build the Active Ruler™ with confidence.


The first in a series.

This is the first in a family. We have more Active Ruler™ surface-mount ruler kits coming. 

Build the whole series. Display them with pride. Each Active Ruler™ is conveniently designed to hang flat on your wall for easy access, ready for you to grab for each task. Collect the entire series. 

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Technical specs

Ruler Length: 12 inches (approx. 30 cm).
Kit contents:  CPO Ruler PCB, Practice Board PCB, coin cell battery, silver solder, all electronic parts, Heathkit™ assembly manual.
Ruler markings: Length in inches and cm/mm. Direct-reading diameter (cm).
Ruler audio output: 1 standard earbud jack, 50 Ohms nominal. Also accepts a powered speaker (the type used with a computer).
Environmental/regulatory: RoHS compliant. Patent pending.
Tools required: Low-wattage surface mount compatible soldering iron. 
Optional recommended tools: Magnifying loupe, antistatic surface mount tweezers, soldering iron holder, and desoldering materials or tools of your choice.

We can build the future together. 

Let's get started.

Your surface-mount electronics future is ready now. Every part is included. For assembly, you'll need a low-wattage surface-mount compatible soldering iron.  If you don't have one yet, check the surface-mount soldering toolkit available on our website. As a surface mount expert, you'll use these new tools often.

Start down a life-long path with us. This is Heathkit's first full surface-mount solder kit in our series of HeathRulesTM products. After you assemble it, you'll have a working tool of professional quality you can use with pride for decades.  And you built it. You'll know how it works, and if you ever need to, you can fix it.You'll also be ready for the next step in our future together as we introduce more surface-mount kits. It's a great way to get started. Just click Add To Cart up above, and you're on your way.