Electrocardiogram monitoring kit for microcontrollers - EXA-1001-6

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EXA-1001-6 Heathkit™ Electrocardiogram microcontroller accessory learning kit for Heathkit Educational Systems® EX-1001 microcontrollers.

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You took control of your microcontroller. Now take control of your personal health monitoring.

Designed to use with EX-1001 series microcontrollers. 

Feeling vital? Test your own vital signs. Your microcontroller board is looking for something to do. Now give it some heart. Specifically, your heart. The Heathkit® EXA-1001-5 module and learning kit measures your heart's electrical activity, collecting the data using your microcontroller board such as a Heathkit Educational Systems® EX-1001 and an attached PC. You'll be able to store, display, and remotely monitor these vital signs. Of course the Heathkit manual tells you how.

What's an Electrocardiogram? This accessory kit includes all the components you need to create your own experimental medical test equipment to measure your heart function. More than merely heart rate, it lets you collect, store, and display or plot your heart's electrical activity. (Not certified for clinical diagnosis, intended for educational use such as personal fitness monitoring.)

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We provide everything you need.

Each kit contains all the parts you need. The kit includes a tiny PCB with surface-mounted parts, the cable set, and a set of electrodes, plus kit contains everything you need to program your EX-1001 or similar microcontroller. And of course the famous Heathkit® manual.  

Give your EX-1001 microcontroller a chance to show some heart.

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