Display board update for Most Reliable Clock™ - for early (pre-2017) models - GCA-1006-5

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Display PCB update for GC-1006 units sold before 2017.

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Update your Most Reliable Clock™ display board.

Designed especially for original (pre-2017) 

First Production Run GC-1006 clocks.

Times change. The display ICs used in the GC-1006 must be matched carefully to their printed circuit board, due to undocumented chip manufacturing variations. The original display chip version is no longer manufactured or available in the market. So if your clock's expensive display IC fails, and you have an original printed circuit board, there will no longer be replacement parts for it.

We don't leave you behind. This accessory kit upgrades your original-PCB clock to the updated display board and the current compatible display IC. 

Does my clock need an update? Clock kits shipped before 2017 had the original first-run PCB and display chip. You can check yours by inspecting the display board for its Heathkit Part Number printed just under the pushbutton (or in the corresponding assembly manual pictures, for an unmodified First Production Run kit). If it says "85-7097-1", you have an original display board, and you are a candidate for this updated PCB and chip upgrade.

Our experience so far indicates the updated display electronics with current display chip is even more reliable than the prior version. Thus in addition to making it compatible with available replacement parts, we believe this board update may further increase the lifespan of your Most Reliable Clock™.

We provide everything you need. This kit contains everything you need to convert your GC-1006 from the original display electronics to the updated version.  It takes just a couple hours to replace the old display board with the new one. When you're done, you have the updated display electronics, including the latest display chip. 

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Naturally, we thought of everything.

Each kit contains all the parts you need. During assembly, you'll transfer some parts from your old display board to the new one.  This kit includes the new display chip, replacements for hard-to-move components, and of course Heathkit-quality instructions.  

Keep your clock current.

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