Eclipse 2017

We'll be there.   And on the air.

Heath Company, Andrew Cromarty

Of special interest to amateur radio operators.

A note from ki6ts, the HEATH Club.

ki6ts will be at the 2017 Eclipse. 

KI6TS, the amateur radio station of the HEATH Electronics And Technology Ham Club, will be on the air during the 2017 Eclipse. 

We'll be running a multi-operator Special Event station, in the center of the first state where the Eclipse makes US landfall. 

Work the ki6ts Special Event station.

In a nod to early radio, we'll be operating right at the heart of the path of Totality, in Galena, Oregon:

Grid square: DN04or

Latitude: 44.7104343 / 44° 42' 37" N

Longitude: -118.8163477 / 118° 48' 58" W

Look for us on bands 80m through 6m, using SSB, CW, and digital modes.

Get a commemorative QSL card.

You can QSL direct at this address:

Heathkit, ATTN: KI6TS Eclipse, PO Box 3115, Santa Cruz CA 95063-3116 USA. 

We will provide a commemorative Eclipse 2017 QSL card to everyone we work who requests one.

Our QSL resolution email address for this special event is "[email protected]".

The hams at Heath hope to hear you and work you on the air on Monday morning August 21, 2017.